Hey Ninjas!

Welcome to CodingNinja.Info. Coding Ninja is a technical blog mainly focuses on mobile app development but not limited to all the other technologies in the near future.

I am a software engineer by education, a banker by profession and a pianist by passion. I have changed my career path to banking sector few months ago only. Prior to that, I have worked as a software engineer, a part time freelancer with different roles in many companies for more than 5 years.

The concept of creating a technical blog (codingninja.info) came into my mind when all of the sudden, I changed my career path and wanted to technically connect myself so that I can always keep updating with the latest technologies in the market. Meanwhile, I believe sharing is caring, so I want my little knowledge to be shared among the readers so that they may also get benefited.

At last, I hope my articles will be helpful to you all and learn from it.

Best Regards,

Praveen 🙂